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The Hosken Powell Memorial Offseason/Hot Stove Linkdump IV (or Zoso)


  • Both Aaron Gleeman and Michael Rand have touched on this, so let me just pile on and note that the hope that Francisco Liriano is generating with his dominance in the Dominican Winter League is a dangerous, wonderful thing.  Dangerous because we've been down this road before with him, and wonderful because if you really want the Twins to not just make the playoffs in 2010, but DO SOMETHING once they get there, a legitimate #1 starter is essential.  Francisco Liriano was exactly that four long years ago.  If he is truly, finally back to his 2006 form, the Twins' outlook brightens considerably.  Unless Phil Cuzzi umpires all their games, in which case we're all screwed.  
  • The Dugout: Thome in Minnesota is sublime. "WILL I BE REQUIRED TO PLAY INSIDE OF THE TRASH BAGS OR SIMPLY AMONGST THEM."  Genius.
  • Joe C. has a sit-down with Glen Perkins in today's Strib.  To me, Perkins comes off as more than a little bitter about how last season went down.  Your thoughts?  
  • My internet friend Matt did a running diary of the Rick Reilly/Joe Mauer "Homecoming" taping he attended at Cretin-Derham Hall on Wednesday night.  I will be tuning in when this airs just for the picture of Mauer in Zubaz.  That has a chance to top this now-legendary snapshot.
  • How were the Twins able to get Jim Thome at what amounts to a bargain-basement price?  Dave Cameron at FanGraphs might have the answer: market inefficiency.
  • Finally, I'd just like to thank the Hot Stove League for helping take my mind off of last Sunday's gruesome events in the Superdome.  As a lifelong Vikings fan, being able to speculate about how the Twins will use Thome or if we'll sign another veteran on the cheap to play second or third has helped the grieving process.  A grateful, Purple nation thanks you, baseball.