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Adrian Beltre Close to Signing?

Update 6:15 pm - Sounds like it's going to be the Red Sox.  Which means, basically, that Mike Lowell should be available for a Big Mac and a high five.

Over at MLB Trade Rumors, Tim Dierkes is chronicalling what might be the end of Adrian Beltre's free agent period.  Just this afternoon, Yahoo's Tim Brown has Tweeted that he's close to choosing, Michael Silverman says the Red Sox aren't one of the finalists, and Jon Heyman says they are.  What's the truth?  I don't know!

And they're all Tweets!

Hearing anything on your end?  Post it in the comments!  Until such time as Beltre chooses, I'll hope against hope that it's our Twins who will reel him in.

Twins - The only real question is whether or not the Twins could push their 2010 opening day salary to the $100 million range by signing Beltre.  If they do this, that would really have to be it for the Twins this off-season.  Right?

Red Sox - Legitimate candidates, to be sure.  But with Kevin Youkilis, Casey Kotchman and Mike Lowell still around to mix and match in the corners, signing Beltre would do Boston a disservice.  It forces them to move Lowell, which they obviously want to do anyway, but with all of his money on the books it puts them between a rock and a hard place.  Either they pay him to ride the bench, or they pay him to pay for somebody else.  That's the reality of that situation.

Athletics - The story of Eric Chavez makes me cry.  It's a shame to see talent deteriorate like it has with him--through injury.

Mariners - They've already signed Chone Figgins, but you never know, they may choose to get creative in the infield.  Of course, like Lowell above, it'd makes Jose Lopez available for peanuts.  Just like Lowell, I wouldn't take Lopez for peanuts.

Cardinals - They're looking.  We know that.  If Beltre did sign with St. Louis and rebound a bit offensively, he becomes a nice supplemental bat for them behind Albert Pujols and (probably) Matt Holliday.

Orioles - They've already signed Garrett Atkins.  Would they pay millions for another third baseman?  The Gold Glove defense is there, and it might give them some nice depth if Atkins can rebound as well.