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Poll: Who Gets Non-Tendered?

The Twins have a lot of arbitration-eligible players do deal with this winter.

Considering our well-documented discussions on the need for change in the organization, and the current state of the payroll for 2011 (between $100 and $105 million if the Twins sign no free agents and sign all arbitration cases), one tactic Minnesota may make to increase payroll flexibility is to non-tender a player or two.

Below is a list of Minnesota's arbitration-eligible players, which stage they'll be at over the winter, and how much they made in 2010. Keep in mind: all these players will be getting raises.


Arbitration Status

'10 Salary (MM)

Glen Perkins

Arb 1


Alexi Casilla

Arb 1


Kevin Slowey

Arb 1


Pat Neshek

Arb 2


Francisco Liriano

Arb 2


Delmon Young

Arb 2


Clay Condrey

Arb 3


Matt Capps

Arb 3


J.J. Hardy

Arb 3


Apart from Condrey, who will become a free agent, which player is most likely to not be tendered a contract?