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Talk Amongst Yourselves

As I scramble to make a flight, I let you, the Twinkie Town reader, talk amongst yourselves about the following:

  • Kelly Thesier says we may have seen the last of LNP. This calls for the grittiest, tail-battling-off-est farewell that is humanly possible. Maybe today, when you're picking your kids up from school or meeting some buddies for happy hour at the local pub, instead of walking to the door, dive headfirst into it. GET MONEY GET PAID LNP
  • I will be in Las Vegas this weekend. Do I hate-wager against the Yankees on principle, or put money on them so I can at least realize some benefit when they eventually triumph?
  • Speaking of which, your ALCS and NLCS predictions might be a good discussion topic. I say Yankees in 6 and Phillies in 5, but would love a Giants/Rangers World Series. Brian Wilson's facial hair is almost Pavano-esque in brilliance, and needs a wider audience.
  • Seth Stohs has a nice analysis of the Twins bullpen going forward at Twinscentric. It's a nice companion piece to Jesse's breakdown of the 40-man yesterday.

That's all I have for this lovely Friday morning. Discuss whatever you like below. Enjoy your first off-season weekend, everybody.