Right Handed Bat and Outfield Defense

Is anyone interested in trading for Dan Uggla? With Orlando Hudson leaving we could use a second basemen and it would be the big right handed bat we need to go with Young and Cuddyer. I know everyone is thinking then we would be pretty close to the slowest team in the history of baseball with only Span being able to steal a base, but what if we shore up our outfield defense and give someone like Revere a chance? Span is very good in right and left but not much above average in CF. On ESPN Turk Awards they had a stat that showed how crazy high Lirianos BABIP against was (340) and one reason could be because of how bad or outfielders were. If we put Revere in the outfield and Ugla at second we would have huge depth. Our infield defense would go down some but its already really good. We could resign Thome and we would have 4 huge bats (Young, Thome, Kubel, Cuddyer) to fill 2 spots in left and DH. That means many games we could have 2 huge bats come off the bench. Let Delmon play most games and platoon Thome Kubel and Cuddyer depending on if theres a right handed or left handed starter. It also gives us more flexiblity to give Morneau days off and even if Revere doesn't play well we can always send him down and just be a slower team. But even if hes only hitting 250 but steals 20-30 bases in the 9 hole with his outfield D over Cuddyers and Kubels negative UZRs it just seems to make alot of sense. Wouldnt it be nice to have Kubel start a game against a righty and in the 8th or 9th they go to the bullpen and bring in a lefty and we can call Young or Cuddy to come off our bench! Not to mention 265 and 25-35 homers coming from Uggla in the 5th or 6th spot.