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The Curious Case of Justin Morneau

If you've sat in a bar, you more than likely have heard conversations about the Minnesota Twins first baseman Justin Morneau. And you've probably stumbled into a hearing a conversation and a variation of this quote:

"But he was a hockey player, he's been hit in the head many times. Why doesn't he just suck it up?!"

I'm guessing anyone who's been following the Twins naturally knows what Morneau has been going through since he ran into the knee of the Jays second baseman John McDonald on July 7th. Most people assumed he'd shake it off. Because after all he's Justin Morneau, right? He lifts weights with bears, and is Canadian and mighty and all-powerful, and also used to play hockey. Right?

Well, as we all found out today Justin is officially done for the season. Like the TV series LOST, there are so many questions unanswered. How would have he performed if they let him play? Would he have been that extra oomph we needed to surge past the Yankees? Is his concussion THAT serious or are they babying him because of what happened with Corey Koskie? Does he like poutine? Will him and his bosom buddy Joe Mauer still make phat rap beats whilst drinking Kemps milk? All of these answers we will probably never know.

SO, Here is my (uneducated) best shot at guessing what would have happened.

I know everyone was stoked and super amped up about Justin Morneau possibly playing in the ALCS, but you have to take in account of how he has played in September, the fact that he hasn't been in post season since '06, and add in that he more than likely wouldn't have been 100%. I'm not trying to knock Morneau here, he's an amazing player, but I think the Twins have been doing quite well without him. Who woulda thunk, eh? (Excuse my Minnesotan/Canadian-speak.)

Every month it's seemed like a different player stepped up to the plate and delivered. Delmon Young and Danny Valencia have been having showcase years and they decided to shine at the right time. With Morneau being out Jim Thome had his chance to show people, yes I CAN hit more than one triple a year and I still have the tendency to come up with big hits, and serves taters just how you like em', MASHED.

I think we need to stop dwelling over the fact he can't play and be happy we aren't rushing him into doing something stupid, like play with a concussion. Be happy we have a team good enough to not worry that he's gone, and win over 90 games. And hey, we are the American League Central Division Champions, and might I add we have home field advantage against the New York Yankees. Just throwing that out there. We're kind of a big Deal.

We'll miss you Morneau, but I bet you'll make a very good cheerleader in the dugout during home games. The guys will be glad to have you there giving them all the support in the world and of course the occasional butt slap.