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It's Contest Day!

Today's your chance to shine, by showing Twinkie Town and Twins fans how creative and funny you are. We're running the Best FanPost competition, of which you can find more details here. A few other bits of info after the jump!

50yearscontest_mediumOf course the competition is for the print to your right, commemorating 50 years of Twins baseball. Again, the link above will take you to the intricate details, but the quick and dirty version:

  1. You create a FanPost.
  2. It can be on whatever you like, as long as it's Twins-related.
  3. Style isn't important, although it helps. We're all about content.
  4. It can be funny, contemplative, analytical, stories about players you've met or games you've been to...the floor is wide open.
  5. Be posted by 11pm tonight to be eligible to be a finalist.
  6. There will be three finalists, put to a public vote tomorrow.
  7. I'll contact the winner by email, you send me your address, and you get Karl Jaeger's artwork.

That's it! As always, thanks to Karl and Aaron from Five Technology for choosing to work with Twinkie Town, and if you want to check out the prints and framing options for yourself, you can check out or Twins baseball.

Let's see what you've got!