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Competition 3: Final Vote!

First off, thanks for the turnout yesterday! We had quite a few FanPosts to choose from, which is great, so thanks to those of you who took time out of your day to contribute.

Here are our three finalists:

  1. Target Field at 30,000 Feet by ColossusOfRhode
  2. NASA Unveils Plan to Head Off "Scott Baker Effect" by FoulJack
  3. A-Rod: A Tale of Forbidden Love by what_would_gil_thorpe_do

Once agian, this is for commemorative artwork which celebrates 50 years of Twins baseball, by local artist Karl Jaeger. Visit for more, or head over to Twins Baseball.

Be sure to check out all of our FanPosts, but read all three of our finalists' submissions before voting. Polls close at 11pm, so tell family and friends!

For the three of you up for the prize--I'll contact the winner by email this weekend. Feel free to promote yourself via Twitter, Facebook, your mom, whatever. Good luck!