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Twins Offensive Leaders, 2010

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I normally do this at the beginning of November, but it slipped my mind this year. It's good to have something to read on Thanksgiving (not all of us are lucky enough to be with our families and need some form of distraction, whether at home or at work), and these aren't exactly leaderboards that people memorize either. Enjoy!

Minimum plate appearances: 150
Stats courtesy of FanGraphs

Name wOBA Name P/PA
Justin Morneau .447 Jim Thome 4.23
Jim Thome .437 Jason Kubel 4.04
Joe Mauer .373 J.J. Hardy 3.99
Delmon Young .352 Nick Punto 3.98
Danny Valencia .351 Justin Morneau 3.90
Name Line Drive % Name BABIP
Joe Mauer 24.2 Justin Morneau .385
Justin Morneau 22.0 Joe Mauer .348
Jim Thome 21.4 Danny Valencia .345
Orlando Hudson 20.6 Delmon Young .312
Jason Kubel 19.2 Orlando Hudson .312
Name Isolated Power Name Clutch
Jim Thome .344 Delmon Young 1.74
Justin Morneau .274 Alexi Casilla 1.52
Delmon Young .195 Joe Mauer 0.71
Jason Kubel .178 Denard Span 0.29
Michael Cuddyer .146 Danny Valencia 0.25
Name Walk Rate Name Strikeout Rate
Jim Thome 17.6 Jim Thome 29.7
Justin Morneau 14.4 Jason Kubel 22.4
Joe Mauer 11.1 Justin Morneau 20.9
Nick Punto 9.7 Nick Punto 19.8
Jason Kubel 9.6 Drew Butera 17.6
Name O-Zone Swing % Name WAR
Delmon Young 40.9 Justin Morneau 5.3
Michael Cuddyer 34.1 Joe Mauer 5.1
Alexi Casilla 33.1 Jim Thome 3.6
Justin Morneau 30.9 Orlando Hudson 3.1
Jason Kubel 28.6 Denard Span 2.9

Just a few notes.

  • Jason Repko struck out more often than Thome, he just didn't have enough plate appearances to make the leaderboard.
  • On the same list, Brendan Harris struck out more often than Morneau.
  • Other than Kubel and Morneau, look at the difference between strikeout rates and swinging outside the strike zone. They're definitely not the same thing.