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Bacon & Cigarettes

"I feel like I want to rage. Right now." --Brian Wilson, American Hero.

  • Speaking of ex-Twins, the Boston Red Sox picked up the $12.5 million option on ex-Twin David Ortiz. He had made known that he was looking for a multi-year deal, which, given his injury history and the concern over aging sluggers falling off hard, seemed more like wishful thinking.
  • Another ex-Twin, Ron Washington, did get a multi-year extension from the AL Champion Rangers.
  • As noted by my life coach and spiritual advisor Michael Rand yesterday, everyone's favorite baseball writer, Joe Posnanski, ranked the weakest World Series Champions since 1946. Number #1: your 1987 Minnesota Twins. I certainly won't argue that they played in a terrible division, were dreadful on the road during the regular season, and got hot at the right time, but worse than the 2006 Cardinals? (Also: I still can't believe how thoroughly they dominated the Tigers in the ALCS. That was a really good baseball team, and the Twins pounded them.)
  • Speaking of those Tigers, RIP George "Sparky" Anderson. Courtesy of the Daily Fungo, here he is on WKRP in Cincinnati.
  • Parker Hageman's blueprint for the 2011 Twins includes Coco Crisp, Russell Branyan and Randy Choate. Parker went to SCSU, so attention must be paid.
  • The New York Yankees are going to have to wildly overpay for an aging middle infielder coming off his worst season ever. I feel terrible for them.
  • Here are your 2011 World Series odds. I realize the Twins are coming off yet another postseason pasting, but 16-1 odds are phenomenally good for a team that will more than likely be in the mix again next year. I would absolutely take a flyer on Minnesota, and not just because I have a gambling problem.
  • Rob Iracane of Walkoff Walk rounded up all the baseball metaphors from Tuesday's elections. Can't believe nobody used "Minnesota's going into extra innings!" to describe the gubernatorial recount.

Last Friday, we saw the Twins re-up with Jason Kubel and bid a fond farewell to LNP. If any news breaks today, come to Twinkie Town, won't you? We promise we'll be nice.