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Welcome to Twins Arbitration Thursday

Just a brief run-down so we all know where we're at.

Definite Non-Tender

Clay Condrey: Picked up prior to the 2010 season in order to bring some veteran help to the bullpen. Turns out he'd be hurt all year, and turns out we didn't miss him. The biggets shock that could happen today would be for Condrey to have a contract offered to him.

Ton-Tender Candidates

Pat Neshek: I love Neshek. But we all know about the communication issues, and he wasn't quite ready to contribute this year. With another full winter under his belt I'm positive that he could come back and contribute in a big way to the Twins bullpen next summer, but does the front office agree?

Glen Perkins: The issues around Perkins go back to 2009, because unless I've forgotten something I think he just kept his head down and did his job this year. Still, he'll be due a raise, and unless the Twins like him as a long reilever or a spot starter I'm not sure how he fits in. Of course I'm wrong quite frequently, and if I had to make a call I'd actually say he'll be tendered. It's just me that doesn't know how he fits.

There's No Reason to Not Tender Candidates

Francisco Liriano: He'll be tendered a contract, hopefully as a pre-cursor to a multi-year deal. Because the closer this guy gets to free agency, the closer he is to kissing the Twin Cities aloha.

Delmon Young: DH-playing-outfield had his best offensive season to date, and as a right-handed bat with potential we need him in the lineup.

Alexi Casilla: This will be his first arbitration year, and because of his play he's not going to get such a big raise that he'd be worth considering as a non-tender. Major League experience and some tools, that's just find for a backup infielder.

Kevin Slowey: I think a lot of people will peg Slowey for a better year in 2011. With Pavano on his way out and no attractive free agent starters available (see: affordable/good investments), it's best to keep everyone on board.

Locks for Tender

Matt Capps: Because Bill Smith said so.

J.J. Hardy: Because he's too good to non-tender, and right now there are a lot of teams (San Francisco, San Diego, Pittsburgh, Baltimore) are searching for a shortstop. I want Hardy in a Twins uniform next year, and I think most fans do. But if someone bowls over the front office with an offer, you have to listen.