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The Hosken Powell Memorial Linkdump Makes Its Triumphant Return

As Jesse noted yesterday, there's been a whole lot of nothing going on with the Twins' hot stove of late, as fans have been forced to survive on reheated Carl Pavano hearsay and cold Jim Thome rumors. However, there is some non-roster news out there. Enjoy.

  • First and foremost, you likely know by now that Harmon Killebrew has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Two friends of mine have lost loved ones to this particular form of the disease, and it is a rat bastard. Our best wishes to Harmon and his family.
  • On a much brighter note, the reliably great Joe Posnanski demolishes the anti-Bert HOF argument of his Sports Illustrated colleague Jon Heyman here. He is equally brutal to those questioning Jeff Bagwell's bona fides: "I would say this to those people who would not vote for Jeff Bagwell because they simply believe he used steroids, based on how he looked or some whispers they heard. I have a better idea: Let's just burn him at the stake. If he survives, you will know you were right."
  • The Metrodome won't be fixed until March. Twins Fest, held at the Metrodome in January, needs to move. Where does it go? Blaine! Often referred to as the Venice of the north Metro suburbs, Blaine is home to the National Sports Center, the Northtown Mall, SB Nation niche sport correspondent Nathan Eide, a Target, and every chain restaurant you could possibly imagine. DID YOU KNOW: White Sox GM Kenny Williams is from Blaine.
Have a very joyous and safe New Year's, everybody. Drive friendly, and remember that champagne hangovers are the absolute worst.