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Minnesota Twins Winter Meetings Open Thread, Day 4

12:35 pm -

I'm just seeing LEN III's update after the trade now. It looks like Nishioka is on his way to the Twin Cities for his physical in the next week or so. La Velle also punts in his two cents on the fallout of the trade, including an interesting quote from a National League scout and calling for "a hug sometimes instead of tough love" when dealing with Alexi Casilla. No doubt every player responds differently--maybe Casilla doesn't respond well to the tough love.

Also, MLB Trade Rumors announces what we had in our first update this morning: Joel Sherman says the Twins would consider trading Slowey.

9:10 am -

Most of us already know that the Twins have taken Scott Diamond in the rule 5 draft, while also retaining Kyle Waldrop. Baseball America's Jim Callis:

Scott Diamond, lhp, Braves. Average fastball and curve give him a chance to be a No. 5 starter/long reliever.

On the Pavano front, it seems the Brewers won't go to a third year. Let's hope the Twins don't, either.

As of right now, J.J. Hardy is still technically a member of the Minnesota Twins organization. But probably not for long. Hardy news will be updated throughout the day in the thread below. Let's talk about something else...

6:50 am -

  • The Rule 5 draft is this morning. Per Beau's evening update last night, here's a list of players eligible to be taken. When it was first published it didn't include every player, but it looks pretty accurate now. Anyone there you fancy? Apart from Kyle Waldrop, that is.
  • Joel Sherman thinks the Twins might shift a back-end rotation starter to make room for Carl Pavano. He calls out Kevin Slowey specifically.
  • We already know the Rays flipped Jason Bartlett to the Padres. And it looks like the Rays got more for him than the Twins will get for Hardy, unless something changes.

That's all for now.