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Mauer-mas Is Here! No, It's Not!

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In this corner: Mark Rosen and WCCO are reporting that the Twins have reached a preliminary agreement with Joe Mauer on a 10-year contract extension.

In that corner: Buster Olney of the Worldwide Leader is pretty much calling Mark an ignorant slut.  Quote: "Multiple sources now saying that the report on a preliminary agreement for Mauer is not accurate." SI's Jon Heyman also says it's not really done and not ten years, so I think we're all now cheering even harder for Rosen to be right, just so that Heyman is wrong.

Who to believe?  Rosie did break the Brett Favre signing in August.  ESPN employs Chris Mortensen.  Advantage: 'CCO.  Still: keep the champagne on ice.  Will update as the situation warrants.

UPDATE: Joe C. sez no deal, too. At the moment, not looking good for Rosie.

UPDATE #2: If it'll make you feel better, here's video of Joe getting out-charisma-ed by a first-grader.