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The Best FanPosts of Nick Punto Day

Nick Punto Day is beginning to wind to a close - but we've got one more highlight to bring you. I challenged the Twinkie Town community to write their own LNPDay posts, and they have come through.

  • wayback has the story of Nick Punto reporting to Fort Myers. (He ignores a sign from Scotty Ullger along the way.)
  • what_would_gil_thorp_do has done a scientific study, and come to an inescapable conclusion : Nick Punto is more valuable than Joe Mauer. It's science. You can't argue with science.
  • Twins4Life makes an interesting point - he loves Punto, because he does his job in the way that we'd all like to think that we do our jobs: with maximum effort, little chirping, and the occasional flash of brilliance. He also works the Kool-Aid Man into his post, earning a +2 at least.
  • BeefMaster wonders why we can't properly rate Punto - the guy's either loved or hated with no middle ground - but ultimately is just glad to have him around

Well done, everybody - and thanks for participating in Nick Punto Day. It's been a fun one.