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Twinkie Town Top 50 Prospects for 2010

Thanks to Roger for putting so much time and effort into this, and it certainly gave everyone a reason to come back to the site day after day over a long and cold winter.  I've updated the list, which you'll find where it's always been--the left column.  A few metrics about our results:

  • Our list of 50 players consisted of three catchers (average age:  21.3 years)
  • 14 infielders, including Chris Parmelee and Erik Lis (average age:  22.6 years)
  • Eight outfielders (average age:  20.8 years)
  • 22 right-handed pitchers (average age:  22.7 years)
  • Three southpaws (average age:  21.3 years)

Breakfast Links

In the column on the right side, a number of our links have been removed, added or updated.  If your Twins blog missing?  Throw your URL in the contents and I'll update our list.  (Regularly-updated blogs with a track record preferred)

Twinkie Town Logo

We're currently discussing the design with the talented SB Nation design team, and we're hoping to have it finished sooner rather than later.  Unfortunately I know exactly what I'm looking for, which means I'm probably harder to please.

Sunday Funnies

You'll notice that late on Sunday night, a new feature had its Twinkie Town debut.  I've enlisted friend, artist and Twinkie Town member Trevour to give our site something new and different.  Look for his funnies every other Sunday night at nine (unless the Twins are playing a Sunday night game).

More to come...

As we get closer to the season, I'll go over what you can expect from Twinkie Town this summer, including an introduction to our newest front page member.