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What Is Your Joe Mauer Panic Level?

Players who aren't the manager's son have started showing up in Fort Myers. Pitchers and catchers report on Sunday, and the first workout is on Monday. And Joe Mauer still hasn't signed an extension.

Now: I fully expect him to sign. Jon Marthaler, perhaps Minnesota's leading sports fatalist (he's still waiting for the Twins to be stripped of their '87 and '91 World Series titles because Dan Gladden's mullet was on a banned cocktail of androstenedione and Mane 'N Tail), wrote on this very website that even he thinks Mauer will sign. I'd say that it's the consensus opinion in the Upper Midwest, from Ron Gardenhire to the Twinkie Town comments section.

However, and I think I may have mentioned this already, but it bears repeating: Joe Mauer still hasn't signed an extension.

As LaVelle noted yesterday, here's how your favorite baseball team's spring training plays out if there's no contract news before Monday:

A reporter from large market team No.1 will show up in camp one day to ask how he would feel wearing pinstripes. A reporter from large market team No. 2 will want to know his feelings about hitting doubles off a large,green wall in 2011. A crusty national writer will want to know of he's going to be distracted by all the contract talk.

In other words, Twins fan, welcome to Hell.

So, recognizing that there's still a couple days left to hash this thing out, and that I still can't conceive of Joe Mauer in anything else but a Twins uniform, I put it to you, Twins fan: