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Let's Get On the Same Page: There Is No "MLB The Show" Cover Curse

I promise.Mlb1_medium

We all know about the Madden Curse.  Garrison Hearst was fine in 1999.  Barry Sanders retired, which is less of a curse and more of a "I'd like to still be able to walk when I'm 50" kind of a thing.  Then things went a little crazy....

Eddie George:  Failed to break 1000 yards
Daunte Culpepper:  Missed four games, not the same MVP type of QB
Marshall Faulk:  Healthy, but under-performed
Michael Vick:  Broken leg
Ray Lewis:  Played for the Ravens
Donovan McNabb:  Out after week 9
Shaun Alexander:  Missed six games
Vince Young:  9 TDs, 17 INTs
Brett Favre:  Played for the Jets
Troy Polamalu:  Played in just five games...but Larry Fitzgerald escaped unscathed

It's a dubious honor to be sure.  And it's become such a recognizeable part of sports Americana that I can't blame anyone for seeing Joe Mauer on the cover of MLB '10 The Show and getting a little nervous.  But you know what?  Forget about your worries and your strife.  Hakuna matata.

Since Sony's baseball game moved from 989 to The Show before the 2006 season, all four of the game's cover athletes have done just fine.  I present to you a simple chart, showing games played and OPS for both seasons in question--the season that inspired the cover, and the season represented by the cover.



Prior Season

Game Season

David Ortiz

The Show '06

159 games, 1.001 OPS

151 games, 1.049 OPS

David Wright

The Show '07

154 games, .912 OPS

160 games, .963 OPS

Ryan Howard

The Show '08

144 games, .976 OPS

162 games, .881 OPS

Dustin Pedroia

The Show '09

157 games, .869 OPS

154 games, .819 OPS

Doesn't that make you feel better?  None of these guys missed significant time, and none of them completely bombed out the year they graced the game's cover.

Once upon a time, Kirby Puckett was on the front of a baseball curse for Kirby, either.

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