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What They're Saying

Local and national reaction to the Orlando Hudson signing has been uniformly positive.  Here are some highlights:

  • Section 219 (or Ho-Sink, as I and only I like to call him): " With the Orlando Hudson signing in place, the Twins have picked up four new players this winter who should play significant roles in 2010...There's no guarantee all of these moves will work out, but the good news is that all of them make sense. They are generating excitement and, as surprised as some people may be, they are moves that Twins management owed their fans in return for the increased revenue from Target Field.
  • Lavelle E. Neal III: "This is my 13th year on the beat. This is the best team the Twins have had going into spring training."
  • Denard Span: "Wake up this morning to see we signed the o dog! If ur a twins fan today u have to be juiced! I thought we already were lookin good before."
  • Pat Neshek: "Love the O-Hud signing, what a team!"
  • Phil Mackey, KFAN: "With Span and Hudson at the top of the order, the Twins will score more runs this year than ever before. Book it."
  • Michael Rand: "Bret Boone can bat 13th."
  • Rob Neyer: "Hudson's worth an extra one or two wins, and one or two wins is worth at least $3 million in the upper reaches of the American League Central. Consider: in three of the last four seasons, the Twins either won or lost the division title by exactly one game."

Me: a starting lineup that's as good as anything west of the Bronx.  The Twins' front office, which has been eminently rippable in the past, deserves credit for being patient and spending money.  Now, it's up to the players.