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The Hosken Powell Memorial Grapefruit League Linkdump


  • TwinsCentric's Parker Hageman takes a peek at what JJ Hardy can do to fix the Twins' battered reputation for fielding the ball.  For those averse to the scary numbers he uses, he also references Kevin Smith and makes fun of the Yankees.  Win-win, as far as I'm concerned.
  • Speaking of TwinsCentric, they're having a viewing party for tomorrow's televised (!) spring training game at Major's in Apple Valley.  $2 pints, prizes, 2-for-1 apps--seriously, unless you're like me and have kids and thus no life, you should go.
  • In case you missed what I just wrote, TOMORROW'S GAME IS ON TV.  Go to hell, winter.
  • Feel free to disagree, but I quite enjoyed Tommy Craggs' gleeful, vulgar ode to the demolition of Yankee Stadium at Deadspin.
  • No one has anything new to say about Joe Nathan or Joe Mauer.  The former is sending his MRI to every doctor in the country, the latter remains unextended and be-sideburned.
  • Lineups for today's game will be up in a bit, but Joe C. makes it sound like a rainout is in the cards. (UPDATE: the game has been canceled.  Five inches of rain will do that.)
  • Best wishes to Twins bench coach Steve Liddle, who was hospitalized with chest pains yesterday.