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The Morning After: Still Feeling Good About All That Joe Mauer Love Last Night?

The light of a new day often brings a fresh perspective on things, and that's no exception to what can only be described as a eurphoric Sunday night. Sometimes you want to bite your arm off, but sometimes that "walk of shame"...really isn't.

I don't blame us for how we acted last night. I mean hell, it's been a long time coming. The anticipation has been building for months, and the fact that both sides wanted it--the fact that both sides wanted to get together--made it harder to bear. You could cut the tension with a knife. And so when circumstances finally were right and the stars aligned, well...nobody can be blamed for how they reacted. We're only human.

Of course that means we probably shouldn't be surprised when people start whispering things. People start comparing their own bad experiences to your situation, meaning it as a word of warning even though circumstances really aren't the same. (I mean, really, don't lump us in with you, because you've got a long history of bad decisions trailing in your wake. Everyone makes mistakes, but honestly, our track record is a bit better than yours...we run our lives quite efficiently.) Others, who just don't want to see us hurt and have been big fans of ours in general, will offer their own words of warning. Still others will patiently point out how many situations similar to ours have ended in disappointment...or even tears and heartbreak.

But you know what? We're adults. We understand that there are risks involved in any long-term committment. And we're not afraid of that committment because, as we've mentioned, this is something we've wanted for a long time. We've prepared for this. Just because this isn't something we were prepared to do in the past, doesn't mean we're not prepared to take it on now.

There are a lot of bad decisions to be made in life. But sometimes, when you find something special, you jump in head-first anyway because you understand that this has the chance of turning out to be, quite possibly, one of the best decisions you've ever made in your life. Sure, we might cringe and hurt if things come to an unfortunate end, but that's the risk you take with all big decisions. You take the chance of getting your heart broken and you take the chance of not getting quite what you hoped for out of it.

So pardon us for having the balls to step up and do what is necessary. This isn't just anyone we're talking about. And if Joe isn't worth that committment, then nobody is. It might hurt, and it might backfire, but I wouldn't have this any other way.

I'm in. What about you?