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The Mauer Coverage: Today's Front Pages

Joe Mauer is big news. After the jump, a very large image, showing the front pages of today's big Minnesota papers: the Star Tribune, Pioneer Press, St. Cloud Times, Duluth News-Tribune, and Mankato Free Press. (All images from

Quick analysis:

  • The Pioneer Press played the story the biggest, devoting more than half the front page to the Mauer story.
  • The Star Tribune came in second, with a large red "MAUER STAYS" tease above the fold and above the headline, followed by a front-page story below the fold. The health-care bill knocked the story down a notch, whereas the Pioneer Press ran the two side-by-side.
  • Up in Duluth, the UMD women's hockey team's national championship was the above-the-fold news, though Mauer got a large front-page picture and story (and dwarfed coverage of health care).
  • The St. Cloud Times chose to lead with the SCSU men's hockey team's draw for the upcoming NCAA tournament, and devoted much of the rest of the front page to health care (though Mauer did get front-page billing.)
  • Down in Mankato, the Free Press had no front-page story, though they did put a photo of Mauer above the headline.