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A Mauer/Ramos Mini-Platoon in 2011? Really?

Patrick Reusse on Monday:

Even Mauer could have to make a concession to progress by 2011, when the stupendous prospect, Wilson Ramos, figures to arrive in Minnesota.

How about it, Joe -- 20 games in left field, 20 as the DH, so Ramos can catch 40 games, as well as serve as the righthanded DH?

He then quotes the notoriously hard-to-please Tom Kelly fairly drooling over Ramos' hitting prowess.

It seems strange to speak of platooning the guy you just paid $184 million to catch, but given Ramos' rapid rise through the Twins' minor league system and Mauer's injury history, I don't think it's too far out there to speculate on such a scenario.

Your thoughts?