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A Quick Introduction

Greetings, all. Just thought I would fire off a quick post to introduce myself as the newest front page poster here at Twinkie Town. Some of you might be familiar with my blog, or some of the various other places I write, but this season I'll be hanging around here on Wednesdays.

Jesse had asked me a few times in the past to come aboard here at Twinkie Town, and I've always been forced to decline due to an already packed schedule. Things look similarly busy this year, but I finally caved because I think you guys have assembled the best Twins community on the net and I simply couldn't say no to the opportunity to take part in it during what should be a hallmark season for the franchise.

I don't know exactly how my role here will shape up but I hope to add a new and distinct voice to the outstanding collection already appearing here on the front page and in many of the FanPosts. With games kicking off tomorrow in Florida, baseball has finally arrived. I look forward to contributing here and taking in the season with all of you. Thanks for having me.