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Who Am I? (Washington Senators Edition)

We haven't done this too much this off-season, so with the first spring training game tomorrow I thought we'd fit one in real quick.  We'll start easy...

...I hold the franchise record in strikeouts, innings pitched, wins and games started.
...who am I?

...I played for the Senators for 19 seasons. career batting average is .322.
...I hold the franchise record for hits and doubles.
...who am I?

...between 1923 and 1928 I led the league in triples (twice), RBI (once) and batting average (once).
...over that same period I hit .339/.402/.528. my tenth season with the Senators I was traded.  Two and a half years later, I was traded back.  One year and six days later, the Senators traded me a second time.  Four seasons later I returned to finish my career with the Senators...this time as a free agent.
...who am I?

...on one of the worst teams in franchise history, I hit .271/.364/.489 with 25 home runs.
...I won Rookie of the Year...although this wasn't with the Senators.
...but when I was with the Senators, I once led the league in homers and RBI.
...I finished my career with the Senators in a season where they lost the World Series...but I wasn't playing with them.  Strange but true!
...who am I?

...I was a three-time All-Star with the Senators, once in a season when I lost 19 games.
...other than Brad Radke I'm the only pitcher in the history of the franchise that pitched more than 1000 innings for the team and averaged less than two walks per nine innings.
...the Senators drafted me in the rule 5 draft from Atlanta, of the Southern Association.
...who am I?

I'll kick answers back in the morning, although I fully expect you'll figure them all out.