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Sunday Morning Baseball & Breakfast: Mauer, Nathan, Logo

Just a few quick bits for you to feed on before we get our first double-game action of the season.

Joe Nathan

  • We talked briefly about his early exit yesterday afternoon, so feel free to check out some of the conversation there.
  • Joe Christensen at the Strib says the elbow we be re-evaluated today.  There was soreness and achiness and tightness in her surgically repaired elbow, and he "left Saturday's game for precautionary reasons".
  • Kelly Theiser at has more, explaining that when Nathan had surgery in October to remove bone spurs and loose fragments from his throwing elbow, he was told there would be soreness as scar tissue broke up.  Ron Gardenhire is quoted as saying "Nobody thinks it's a big deal."

As for Joe Mauer, we stated Friday afternoon/evening that KFAN was scooping the extension story.  Common stated the deal would be signed by Sunday, and for anyone who's counting that's today.  We'll have more on this after the games today.

Finally, the logo:  I finally have a shot of the skyline I like, thanks in no small part to a very helpful and attractive blonde in Minneapolis.  It won't be long now!

See you for the games in a few hours...