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Nathan Has Torn Ulnar Collateral Ligament, Likely Out for Year

Update #2, 8:55 am [Jesse]

Below is an image of the UCL, where it is and what it looks like:


Nathan has said he'll try to come back and throw in a couple of weeks, but obviously if he's still in pain it means Tommy John surgery.  We'll talk about that if it needs to happen.

A few telling quotes:

Ron Gardenhire on who closes:   "You have to start a process. We’ve got candidates (in camp). If we have to go that route, we’ll find it.”

Joe Nathan:  "If it’s like it was on Saturday (when he was pulled from the game with elbow pain), there’s just no chance.”

"If I’m able to go out there and throw, I’ll definitely give it a shot."


(Update #1, via LaVelle: Nathan will attempt to pitch with it in a couple weeks.  If he can't make it, he'll have surgery.  I assume the surgery in question is Tommy John.)

So Tweeted Joe C. 15 minutes ago.  More updates as they become available. 

Do you need me to tell you that this sucks?  Because THIS SUCKS.