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Game 6: Twins @ White Sox

First Pitch: 12:05pm CST
Radio: Twins Radio Network
Know Thine Enemy: South Side Sox

Freddy Garcia

#43 / Pitcher / Chicago White Sox





Jun 10, 1976

He's had a couple of decent seasons in his career, and he was most certainly a useful pitcher through 2006. In the last three seasons he's been a disappointment, unable to keep a job with the Philllies, Tigers or Mets through a combination of injury and just not being very good. But, much like Jacque Jones, he's returning to a place where he means something. He went 14-8 with the World Series champion White Sox in 2005. This could be his last chance to prove he's still relevant in Major League Baseball.

Everything's gotten slower for Garcia. His fastball especially, but even the rest of his arsenal doesn't snap like it used to. He's likely the weak spot in Chicago's rotation, but if he can manage to bounce back, the Sox will have a chance to compete against anybody on a daily basis. The problem, as far as Garcia is concerned, is that he hasn't had a good fastball in five years. He doesn't miss a lot of bats.

But if he can continue to suppress home runs, as he did last year, and can continue to keep opponent BABIP in check, then he might be able to find some level of success. It will be interesting to see how long of a leash Ozzie Guillen gives him today.

Scott Baker

#30 / Pitcher / Minnesota Twins





Sep 19, 1981

Minnesota's favorite 12-year old gets his second start of the season today. His ability to compile a few strikeouts while avoiding walks is somewhat offset by being a fly-ball pitcher, which means on some days the ball will carry on him. He got a little roughed up by the Angels in the season debut, but we all know how he's capable of pitching on most days.

One of Baker's issues has also been efficiency. His pitch counts can get high pretty early, meaning he can have a tough time getting through six innings. He'll need to be careful today, and not force the ball over the plate in an attempt to extend his outing.