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Off-Day Introduction: What's the best baseball movie of all time?

I thought this could be fun.  After an introduction to our 16 movies, we'll begin an emlimination-style tournament.

I realize that there are more than 16 baseball movies.  I purposely left out potential middle weights like Cobb or The Babe in order to get a decent cross-section of genres.  Oh, yes, my friends, there are genres of baseball movies.  Additionally, I grouped 16 movies into groups of four.  Rejected groups:  Disney, Old Classics and Yankees.  Probably others that I've forgotten.  Anyway, here are your finalists...

New Classics
1-Field of Dreams
4-For the Love of the Game
2-Bull Durham
3-The Natural

1-Bad News Bears (Walter Matthau's version)
4-Angels In the Outfield
2-The Sandlot
3-Little Big League

1-The Fan
4-A League of Their Own
3-Eight Men Out

1-Major League
2-Mr. Baseball
3-Mr. 3000

We'll take one-on-one votes until we get a winner from each category.  From there, New Classics will take on Drama, while Kids take on Comedy.  First vote tomorrow morning!