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Community Preview of Your 2010 Minnesota Twins: Justin Morneau

For a further explanation of that pretty graphic, I suggest you read this.  (Feel free to check out the new DiamondView for pitchers as well.)  Thanks, as always, to Justin Bopp for putting this together.


Even by the the rather high standards set by first basemen for offense, Justin Morneau stands out.  He packs a wallop and gets on base at a good clip, and for a guy hitting behind Joe Mauer there isn't much more you could ask for.  Justin's defense on this chart is probably under-rated.  He's certainly not this terrible in the grand scheme of things in the field, even if his range isn't the best for a first baseman.  His speed rating is pretty sad as well.  I also don't think that it's an entirely accurate representation of the skill, because while he's definitely not fast he's not Matt LeCroy.

A little something different this time, because I'll ask you:  what are Justin's strengths and weaknesses?  What does he have to do to make 2010 a personal success?