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ITEM: Twinkie Town has been able to confirm EXCLUSIVELY that since MLB expanded to the 162-game schedule in 1961, no team has ever started the season with a loss, then gone on to win the next 161 regular season games.  Clearly, the Twins are on the cusp of something very special.  Twinkie Town will be there every step of the way.

ITEM: John Walsh at the Hardball Times (via the Sporting Blog) did the research, and concludes that, yes, an umpire's strike zone isn't the most consistent thing in the world.  Seems obvious, but seeing the numbers (the 3-0 strike zone is 50% larger than the 0-2 strike zone) is something else.  Bring on the robots.

ITEM: Andrew Reilly at the AV Club Chicago is positively dreading this year's version of your Minnesota Twins.  Of course, if I'd just dropped 2 out of 3 to Cleveland, I'd be dreading the 1999 Twins.  Bonus points for referring to the Cubs as a "self-righteous bulls--- factory."  (Hat Tip: the Sooze!)

ITEM: Joe C. noted in his game story today that the last time the Twins won a series in Anaheim was 2002, and the winning starting pitchers were Eric Milton and Rick Reed.  At last check, Milton was a free agent recovering from hernia surgery, while Reed had taken a job as the pitching coach at Marshall University in 2005, although he's no longer listed on the team's coaching roster.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it: FIND RICK REED.

I'll be back this afternoon with your starting lineups, pitchers, irrelevant pop culture references, babytown frolics, etc.