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Off Day Poll: Backup catcher options?

Tomorrow, Joe Mauer will likely return to his spot behind the plate. This means that Wilson Ramos will soon be headed for Indianapolis to join the Red Wings to resume his Triple-A season.

This said, the backup catcher spot is by no means settled. For all of the early excitement, Ramos was 1-for-18 at the plate after starting 7-for-9, and Ron Gardenhire blasted him at least once for giving away signs to a runner on second base. Drew Butera, meanwhile, is 2-for-17 and is currently competing with Rob Bowen and Danny Ardoin for the title of "Worst Twins Hitter In Recent Memory." And Jose Morales, who we all thought would be the backup catcher, hurt himself sliding in extended spring training, and is more fragile than a Stradivarius.

So, here's the question: if you were running things, who would be the Twins backup catcher?