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Vote: The Sandlot VS Little Big League

Congrats to Bad News Bears, which managed to take out Angels In the Outfield by a sizeable margin after what was a closer race than initially anticipated. Next up is another brutal one, with one of the best kid's baseball movies ever against a fairly decent one that's actually about our own Minnesota Twins. Check here if you want to read up on what we're doing.

The Sandlot (1993) - Set as a flashback to the 60's, Scotty Smalls moves to LA and wants to learn how to play baseball. Benny Rodriguez, the best damn player in the neighborhood, shows him the ropes and suddenly we're off and running with adventures of friends with mishaps and comedic adventuers a-plenty, including kissing the cute lifeguard while pretending to down and losing his step dad's baseball (that was signed by Babe Ruth) to the viscious dog known only as "The Beast". There are so many amazing quotes from this movie. I'll remember it fffooooorrrreeeeevvvveeerrrrrr...

Little Big League (1994) - The owner of the Twins dies and leaves the organization in the hands of his 12-year old grandson. It's not a very good team and the manager is terrible, so he's fired by said 12-year old...who then takes over as manager. (But really, the AL has the DH, so how hard could it be?) He teaches the guys to have fun again, even when the real Ken Griffey Jr robs the Twins of a home run. Damn you, Griffey! One of the more interesting parts of the movie is that most of the players wear the numbers of their real-life counterparts. #34 is there, #14,'s hard to not think that the characters are based on the actual players.