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Vote: The Fan VS A League of Their Own

This one looks to divide votes more than fight for the loyalty of each user, as we move onto the Drama division. So far Field of Dreams and Bull Durham have advanced in the New Classics division, while Bad News Bears and The Sandlot have advanced in the Kids division. These are all filed under "Best Baseball Movie Ever", so just click above to see voting history and an introduction to what we're up to.

The Fan (1996) - Gil Renard (DeNiro) is a total creepy wacko guy, who gets super stoked when his favoritest baseball team ever (the San Francisco Giants) sign All-Star center fielder Barry Bonds Bobby Rayburn. Rayburn slumps, and Gil loses his mind...and his job and his family. He spirals into madness and becomes obsessed with Rayburn, who Gil believes is having a bad year because some dude named Juan Primo is taking all his mojo or something. Taking the next logical step, Gil kidnaps Rayburn's son (so that he'll be taken seriously, duh) and basically demands Rayburn perform. Great scene in the rain. Very dramatic and a little over the top sometimes, but definitely a fun movie. You can never go wrong with DeNiro. And if you think you can go wrong with DeNiro, he'll kill you. He'll also kill you if you ask him for a kayak.

A League of Their Own (1992) - "There's no crying in baseball!" is nearly as mainstream as "Play it again, Sam"...except Bogart never actually said "Play it again, Sam". Anyway, this one is set during WWII, and it's just as much about the relationship between the two sisters as it is about a drunken Tom Hanks. Porky Pig Rosie O'Donnell is there, you get Geena Davis at her best, some british chick named "Madonna" is in it and Lori Petty also star. And oh yeah, Jon Lovitz is always hilarious. You're a real sport, Dottie! You really make it seem like you and your sister truly ARE in "A League of Their Own"...