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The Triumphant Return of the Hosken Powell Memorial Linkdump

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  • ITEM!  The Twins Geek says this weekend's Yankees series is meaningful.  The Section 219 says there's not much to gain regardless of the outcome.  I say...they're both right?  After last year's waking nightmare against the Bombers, anything positive that happens this weekend in the Bronx is good.  But when all is said and done, what happens in October is what matters.  The Twins probably will be there.  The Yankees definitely will be there.  Beat them then.  Please.
  • ITEM!  As Jesse noted yesterday, the Royals celebrated Zach Greinke's first win of the 2010 season by canning Trey Hillman and replacing him with Ned Yost.  As with anything Royals or baseball-related, Joe Posnanski has the best take.  Hillman didn't do himself any favors, but nobody was going to win with that talent.
  • ITEM! Ken Griffey's "nap" story has made everyone 5% dumber.  I don't think the Mariners beat writer made the story up (now, if it was Mitch Albom...).  I don't think freezing him out of the locker room makes a lick of sense.  Mike Sweeney challenging the two anonymous players to step forward so he can rain blows upon them may very well have caused me to have a mild stroke.  If you're going to rally around something, shouldn't you rally around the fact that you have Ichiro, King Felix and Cliff Lee in a wide-open division?  
  • ITEM! Quick review of my first trip to Target Field last Saturday: it's great.  Go there.  Everyone who's raving over it is absolutely right to do so.  My wife and I sat in the second "terrace" level in left-center field, the sun maybe came out for 15 minutes, the wind blew ice pellets into our faces, Liriano couldn't catch a break, the Twins lost, and it was STILL great.  If you're going to eat at the park, read Amber's reviews at RandBall.  (My recommendation: go to the Loon Cafe and have the chili.)