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Speaking with the Enemy

My friend Scott is a Wisconsin native and a diehard Brewers fan.  His family has had season tickets at Miller Park and County Stadium, and he may very well name his firstborn Gorman.  Here's his quick take on his favorite ballclub:

Has Carlos Gomez driven you nuts yet?

I don't even know if Gomez is playing yet, he's been hurt for a couple weeks.

Is Prince Fielder still wearing baggy pajamas?

Prince is having a tough year.  Braun is great, and Casey McGehee is a welcome addition to the team.  Our starters are okay, our middle relief is bad, and our closer is having the worst year of his Hall of Fame career.

What should we expect from the Brewers this weekend?

What you should expect is one game (where) the Brewers will score 10 runs and the Twins might lose.  Another, the Brewers will blow a save and the Twins will win.  The third will either be a rout by the Twins or at least a 3-to-4-run difference.  Other than all that, the Brewers are awesome and they will kick the Twins' a-- (I hope).

(Note 1: Scott is literally a brewer, too, and if you're a Twin Cities resident, you could do worse than checking out the Town Hall Brewery, where he currently plies his trade.  You can tell them Stu sent you, but I don't think I have quite enough juice to get you a free beer there.  Maybe they'll validate your parking.)

(Note 2: Jesse may be checking in later with more Brewers info from the fine fellows at Brew Crew Ball.)

(Note 3: You saw that Trevor Plouffe has been called up, right?  Do you think he sticks around for awhile, is this just a Band-Aid until Hardy's healthy, etc.?  Discuss.)