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Monday Morning Baseball & Breakfast: Injuries, Potential Roster Moves, and Clutch Hitting

It's an off day, so I'm running with Jesse's usual weekend Baseball & Breakfast post for another day. Below, a few Monday notes.

Hardy, Punto back Tuesday? - Kelly Theiser
According to Kelly Theiser at, J.J. Hardy could be coming off the disabled list tomorrow, as long as his workout today goes okay. As for the other half of the left side of the infield, Nick Punto is getting a cortisone shot in his sore left ring finger, and should also be back tomorrow.

Plouffe to give way for Hardy, if Punto's not back - LaVelle E. Neal
"The Twins are expected to send shortstop Trevor Plouffe back to Class AAA Rochester if Hardy is ready. But things could change if Punto has a setback. Plouffe started twice at third base while at Rochester, and Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said he's comfortable with using Plouffe there in a pinch." That and more, including Denard Span being day-to-day with a bruised shoulder, in LaVelle's notes column.

Hitting in the clutch still stuck | LaVelle E. Neal III
LaVelle's Sunday gamer is all about that which daily agonizes you, me, and everyone else: the Twins' inability to hit with the bases loaded.

Twins Lack a Killer Instinct | Jim Souhan
No jokes about stat geeks, so that's something. Mr. Souhan weighs in on the topic, as well.

Should the Twins trade for Roy Oswalt? "
Or, perhaps the more relevant question: is Oswalt too expensive for the Twins? (I'd say yes, yes, goodness, yes he's too expensive.)

Over The Baggy: Slowey slip, slidin' away?
The great Parker Hageman has some charts that might help explain why Kevin Slowey can't pitch more than five innings at a time.