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Yankees and Twins Suspended Until Wednesday

The rain came... and the game must wait until tomorrow. After rushing through five quick scoreless innings - the final two of which were played with a considerable amount of rain falling - Tuesday's Twins-Yankees game was delayed. After about an hour and a half, the game was officially suspended until Wednesday.

The game will continue at 4:10pm tomorrow; gates will open at 3:00. The regularly scheduled game tomorrow will begin at 6:10pm, or a half-hour after the conclusion of the first game.

According to the Twins official site, only fans with tickets to Wednesday's game will be able to attend either game tomorrow night. VERY tough on fans with Tuesday tickets; they see five scoreless innings, the game is called (perhaps prematurely - the rain stopped around 10:00 or so), and they're out of luck for the rest of the night. This will likely be news tomorrow.

Scott Baker and A.J. Burnett were the stories in the first five innings, as both scattered three hits and gave up no runs. Denard Span had two of the three Minnesota hits; J.J. Hardy had the other, a double off the right-center fence in his first at-bat after coming off the disabled list.