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Frustration Roundup

This blows.
This blows.


  • "To give up four runs in two games, that's pretty good,'' Gardenhire said. "You should win a ballgame. We didn't win one.''  Lavelle E. Neal, Strib.
  •   The Twins media seems to perpetuate this sense that the Yankees are a far better team and organization than the Twins. I have the utmost respect for the Yankees organization and most of their players, but I also believe that the Twins starting nine is just as good. I’m tired of hearing that the team "has to play perfect ball" to beat the Yankees...(i)t’s just frustrating to keep losing close games, especially against a Yankees team that frankly, isn’t that terribly great. Seth Stohs,
  • People sure turned on Jon Rauch in a hurry. Still has 3.00 ERA, 13/3 K/BB ratio, 10-of-12 saves. Gotta score some runs.  Aaron Gleeman
  • If the main frustration is that the ball isn't flying as well as it did in the static-air Dome, well, toughen up boys and live with it. Or: hit the ball harder. You see, opponents haven't had nearly the same problem hitting home runs at Target Field as the Twins have. They have 21 in 23 games now -- including both game winners yesterday.  Michael Rand, Strib.
  • "We're losing games against this team, but not by a lot," Twins center fielder Denard Span said. "We just have to find a way when we play this team to take advantage of the opportunities that we do get."  Kelly Thesier,
  • The Twins can't beat the Yankees. A game here and there, sure, but it's gotten to the point there's every reason to expect that, one way or another, they'll fail in the clutch more often than not.

    This isn't a reach for the panic switch (nor the adult undergarments). We haven't even hit Memorial Day.

    But a 4-8 skid that has the Twins only six games over .500 for the first time since May 1 -- and a 1-4 record against their longtime playoff nemesis -- is reason to wonder whether all the early-season hype raised expectations way too high, way too fast. Tom Pelissero, 1500ESPN.

  • Closed-circuit to Gardy:You ain't losing to Yanks cuz they cheat. Losing cuz can't hit, turn double play or finish game. Dan Barreiro, KFAN.
  • I used to like baseball.  Jon Marthaler,

Vent your frustrations, or share your reasons for optimism (thanks, Detroit bullpen!), in the comments.

Needless to say, a win today would be nice.