The Twins should start playing Ramos at 3rd when he goes back to AAA

This is a move I thought of earlier this year and now seems more logical then ever. By moving Ramos to 3rd the Twins would be free to trade Valencia who was a popular name in trade reports a year ago. The Twins could also move Jose Morals and hopefully Perkins in a trade to add another piece or some solid low-level prospects. I think Ramos would be well suited to the move from catcher where he's a plus fielder with a definate plus arm. I think the fact that Ramos is much younger than Valencia and probably has a better bat and overall tools this move would make the most sense. The Giants did this with a fellow Venezualen Pablo Sandoval a few years back and the Tigers did it with Brandon Inge who's now a top defender at 3rd. With Ramos at 3rd and spot starting at catcher on Mauer's off days the Twins would have more options on bench players as well. Makes almost too much sense to happen..

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