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Vote: Bad News Bears VS Angels In the Outfield

While Field of Dreams and Bull Durham advance in the New Classics division, we take a look at the first matchup in the Kids division. Read here to find out what we're up to.

Bad News Bears (1976) - There's just something satisfying about a grumpy and disgruntled Walter Matthau. Sort of like House. Anyway, Matthau is a former minor leaguer who likes to drink beer and clean swimming pools. Or maybe he drinks beer because he cleans swimming pools. He starts coaching a talentless rag tag crew of misfits, and after a few ups and downs manages to get the punk daughter of an ex-girlfriend to be his star pitcher. I put this in the Kids division because there are a kids in it...but that doesn't mean I recommend your kids watch it. Oh yeah: suck it, Billy Bob Thorton.

Angels In the Outfield (1994) - This time we go with a remake. Roger is our protagonist, and he lives in a foster home; mother is gone, and seperated from the father. His two dreams: live with a real family and see the Angels win the pennant. The problem is that he rarely sees his dad and the Angels suck. So he prays, and Doc from Back to the Future an angel appears to give him a little help. That dude from Who's the Boss Washed up veteran Mel Clark is on the team with the non-racist one from Lethal Weapon a former manager who had him years ago, when he was still a useful player. He's granted one more good year on a dead arm, in spite of his illness, and helps lead the Angels up through the standings. Of course, Roger is the only one who can see the angels...but soon enough everyone is believing.