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RandBall's Stu Is Taking a Field Trip

My wife and I will be the last two Minnesotans to see a game at Target Field on Saturday, winter permitting.  I don't know if there will be a ceremony or not to recognize this, but I'll wear a sash nonetheless, BECAUSE THAT'S HOW TWINKIE TOWN SENIOR WRITERS ROLL.  They're also slimming.

So, a couple things:

  • The last time a saw an outdoor Twins game in Minnesota, Richie Zisk nearly hit me in the head with a home run.  I've never been that close to a fair or foul ball since.  I am owed.
  • My wife and I are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary this weekend.  She requested that we go to a Twins game.  Yes, I realize how lucky I am.
  • Any advice or recommendations from those of you who've been to a game at the new digs would be most welcome. Please leave them in the comments.
  • I've been to probably two dozen Twins games in my life, and I swear to Jeebus that half of them have been against the Baltimore Orioles.  I have seen Doug Corbett, Ron Davis and Mike Trombley all blow saves against the Baltimore Orioles.  I hate the Baltimore Orioles.  (I've never actually verified that all these blown saves were against the Orioles, so please don't go to Baseball Reference and look up old box scores to prove me wrong.  I am comfortable with the vagaries of my memory and the warm embrace of bitterness.)

I'll be back later with your game preview, but seriously, have you guys seen the forecast for Friday night?  It's going to SNOW, FOR PITY'S SAKE.  It would really stink if the game was postponed and they pushed Liriano back to Saturday so I could watch him in person.  I would hate that.