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First Rainout at Target Field Means Double-Header Fun for Saturday!

I love me a double-header.

The last time the Twins were rained out at home:  September 20, 1980.  Geoff Zahn of the Twins and LaMarr Hoyt of the White Sox made their starts the next day.

30 seasons later we get the next rainout.  No matter how many people will say stupid things like "Rainout Makes Dome Look Good", I just want to remind you that doesn't make it true.    Nothing can make the Dome look better than Target Field.  It was an advantage in that sense, sure, but look better?  No.

One of the biggest tactical problems in a double-header is bullpen use.  With a night off last night, both teams should have the full array available in game one; particularly since only Matt Guerrier was used on Thursday night.  Hopefully Liriano can go seven or eight in game one and keep the pressure off:  no extra innings, please.

How did Ron Gardenhire spend his unplanned night off?  Drilling holes in the wall for a television.  Apparently.

Liriano will still face off against Millwood in game one, with Baker taking on Guthrie tonight.  We'll see you in a couple hours for the pre-game!