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(UPDATED) The Hosken Powell Memorial Linkdump Is Baffled by Jason Tyner's Middle Name

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An incomplete, arbitrary rundown of things that have something to do with the Minnesota Twins, baseball and America.

  • Your 2010 Chicago White Sox Blow the Hell Up Danger Level Is: Holding Steady.  The Southsiders just took 2-of-3 from the Tigers.  That's good!  Jake Peavy doesn't want to be a part of a rebuilding effort.  That's bad!  They are a robust 8.5 games behind the division-leading Twins. (RATHER IMPORTANT UPDATE: Ozzie Guillen and Kenny Williams nearly came to blows on Tuesday, alleges the Chicago Sun-Times.  Read the whole thing, adjust the Danger Level to What's That Tick-Tick-Tick Sound?)
  • Anyone want to bet that there's a significant rain delay or postponement this evening?  The forecast is not promising.
  • Former Twin Adam Everett has been DFA'd by the aforementioned Tigers. Give Everett credit: when a utility infielder is so lousy at the plate that even the Twins won't keep him around, it's not often that said player is able to find another major league gig.  My barista, Jason Tyner, just nodded his head sadly.
  • Speaking of, if Wikipedia is correct, Tyner's middle name is Renyt.  (If you don't get it right away, read that backwards.)  I had no idea.
  • Rich People Are Crazy: Frank and Jamie McCourt, owners of the Los Angeles Dodgers, paid Vladimir Shpunt, a 71-year-old Russian "spiritual healer," a six-figure salary to send positive vibes to the Dodgers.  From his home office in Boston.  He also attempted to heal then-Dodger Jayson Werth's wrist injury the same way.  From his home office in Boston.  The McCourts, engaged in a wildly bitter divorce tussle, paid him to do this for five years, and now say it was each other's cockamamie idea.  Bear in mind: I am not making any of this up.  (Hat tip: the highly readable Walkoff Walk.)
  • Not baseball-related, but: will the last team in the Big 12 please turn out the lights?  Looking at you, Iowa State.

Back later with more tomfoolery, weather on the 9's, and maybe pie.