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SB Nation Minnesota Meet-Up: Tomorrow Night!

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Hey sports girls and guys,

To coincide with the impending launch of the SB Nation Minnesota regional site, we're throwing a massive party!

Tomorrow night (Wednesday, June 16), from about 7 to 9pm, there will be a get-together at Hubert's Bar & Grill in the Warehouse district in Minneapolis.  A lot of SB Nation folk will be there as well as a bunch of other fans, so not only do you get the chance to get out of your house on a beautiful June evening, but you also get to have a drink or two, have a bite to eat and do what we all love to do:  talk Minnesota sports!

Twins fans talking about Mike Lowell and Brendan HarrisVikings fans doing their best Purple Jesus impressions.  Wolves fans, those precious, hardcore Wolves fans, donning brave smiles as they talk about the future.  Wild fans talking about the draft.  And Gopher fans, well...we all bleed maroon and gold somewhere.

I'm hoping we have a number of representatives from Twinkie Town there--I know if I were in the country, I'd be there in a second.  I mean, yeah, I love the Twins and I love Minnesota sports...but I also love Hubert's!

If you want to go, click here to RSVP as soon as possible.  The more, the merrier!  Date, time and location are all behind that link, so click through to get all of the happy details.

Eat, drink, talk sports and be merry!  If you go, be sure to post a picture or two so I can feel like I was there.