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Off Day Discussion: Are you watching the standings already?

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Saturday, the Twins trailed the Phillies 9-4 heading into the ninth inning. Meanwhile, the Tigers (who somehow weaseled consecutive series against the Pirates, Nationals, and Diamondbacks, which means they've basically been playing a Triple-A schedule for a week) were getting set for game two in Arizona, having won seven straight over their Little Sisters of the Poor schedule. With Minnesota's lead down to a bare half game, it looked like Detroit would end the day in first place in the AL Central.

Of course, we know now that there was nothing (whew!) to worry about, as the Twins managed an epic comeback for the win, and Detroit lost to Arizona late Saturday night. The AL Central was safe for Twins fans for yet another day.

And yet, it was still only June 19. It was Minnesota's 68th game of the year, leaving 94 to go, and what I'm getting at here is that there was lots of baseball left to play. Yet there were fans who were slightly hysterical about dropping out of first place, where the Twins have spent the season so far.

So here's today's poll question and discussion topic: Are you watching the standings already?

I'm a believer in the wisdom that says that the pennant can't be won in June, but it can be lost. As long as the Twins are hanging around the division lead, I'm content; there's still so, so much baseball left to play. And so I'm not a standings-watcher this early in the year. After the All-Star Break, of course I'm hanging on page C5 in the sports section every day, watching the standings, but for now I usually couldn't tell you what kind of lead the Twins might have.