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Monday Morning Breakfast & Baseball: Cliff Lee and more

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A look at what's making news on this Monday morning, as the Twins get ready for a Detroit visit, beginning tonight.

Mariners Willing To Trade Cliff Lee Immediately? |
Rumors have it that the Seattle starter is on the block starting now.

Twins' trade needs not yet discussed |
Gardy says the Twins haven't yet discussed who they might trade for. (This does have the ring of untruth to it, if you know what I mean.)

Pavano would love Lee as a teammate again |
The Pavstache would love to have his friend Cliff Lee in Minneapolis. As usual, the Pavstache speaks for us all.

Cuddyer at third again tonight? |
Team notes from Joe Christensen, who says Michael Cuddyer might play third in order to get Jim Thome in the lineup at DH. Plus: mustache news!

Twins slump away lead as Tigers come to town |
Aaron Gleeman thinks we all need to settle down a little bit about the Twins' current slump.