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Mariners 4, Twins 1

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The Twins had no answer for Felix Hernandez tonight, Carl Pavano made one mistake to Jose Lopez, and that was your Thursday night, as the Twins posted just one run for the third consecutive game in losing to Seattle, 4-1.

Minnesota opened the scoring in the first on a 2-out double by Joe Mauer followed by an RBI single from Justin Morneau that almost decapitated Felix Hernandez.  It did not, thus ending any chance of the Twins winning this game.  Hernandez allowed just three more hits through 8 innings, striking out nine and generally being Felix Hernandez.  3-game losing streaks blow, especially given the circumstances of Wednesday's defeat, but sometimes you just have to tip your cap to the opposition.  King Felix was as advertised.  Can we trade Brendan Harris for him?

Meanwhile, Carl Pavano had one bad inning, surrendering an RBI single to Ichiro and a 3-run home run to Lopez in the 4th, putting the game completely out of reach.  Pavano did give the Twins seven innings, and anyone who says anything bad about The Pavstache is getting cut.  That said, Seattle stole five bases on him, which is abysmal.  Jesse Crain again pitched a competent inning of relief, if you're looking for silver linings.

As for Danny Valencia, he posted an infield single in his first at-bat, finished the game 1-for-3 and was neither a savior nor completely overwhelmed.  Let's see how he handles this weekend.

No studs not named Hernandez this evening.  See you Friday morning, kids.