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A's 5, Twins 4: Delmon Young Can't Beat Them By Himself

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Twins drop series finale to Oakland.

I don't want to detract from Trevour's amazing comic of the week, nor from David's great piece on pitch counts below, so the recap is after the jump.

Blackburn got lit up early and often, to the tune of ten hits and a walk in less than three innings.  It ended better than it could have, but all five of Oakland's runs were charged to Nick.  For an offense that was missing Justin Morneau, Michael Cuddyer, Orlando Hudson, J.J. Hardy and Jim Thome, that's a big hole to dig out of.  Even when Kevin Kouzmanoff throws the ball away or Denard Span triples by sneaking a ball down the line.

Delmon Young had another big day.  He had another multi-hit day, and brought the Twins within a run in the eitghth with a two-run blast.  Young's sixth homer of the season helped him raise his season line to .275/.317/.467; certainly not impressive, but it's solid.  And last night, he certainly produced like a number five hitter.

The Twins have their deepest offense in memory this season, at least in my memory, but when Matt Tolbert hits second, and your six through nine hitters are hitting a combined .190, you're just not going to score many runs.  Joe Mauer or no Joe Mauer.

And, depending on the news we get on Hardy and/or Hudson, things may not get a whole lot better anytime soon.