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Orlando Hudson, J.J. Hardy going on the shelf?

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(Photo by Jacob de Golish/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jacob de Golish/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Sounds like Orlando Hudson may be headed to the disabled list, given that the Twins need to free up a roster spot to bring Michael Cuddyer back from the bereavement list. Ron Gardenhire spoke to Joe Christensen of the Star Tribune.

"I know [Hudson] wants to play and doesn't want to go on the DL, but I also have to protect our team," Gardenhire said. "I just don't want to send a healthy player down, knowing I don't have healthy people here."

Hudson last played on May 30, so he'd be eligible to come off the DL for next Tuesday's series against Colorado.

Meanwhile, there's J.J. Hardy, who didn't start the past two games in Oakland because of lingering pain in his left wrist. Joe C. says that Hardy is "taking new medication" (whiskey, perhaps?), but if he's still in pain tomorrow, Trevor Plouffe could be called up. Hardy pinch-ran in both Saturday and Sunday's games, so if he was to go on the DL, he'd be there for the full 15 days.

The Twins play Kansas City this week, then play five straight interleague series. At least some of those games could take place without their starting middle infield.